New Orleans Arcology Habitat

Designers in Boston have created a unique Noah’s Ark that can house 40,000 people at a time and is a city in itself, complete with hotels, shops, casinos and schools. (Pics)


Measuring 1,200ft high and covering 30 million square feet, the Space Age design is equipped with gardens, special express elevators for “vertical commuting” and moving walkways for pedestrians.


The plan came into action after New Orleans was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The new floating city that will sit on the bank of the Mississippi could help prevent a similar tragedy.


Titled New Orleans Arcology Habitat, or NOAH, the sturdy triangular creation dissipates strong weather by allowing it to blow through. Its structure can take the blast of a storm with little impact on the community inside.


“The first challenge is to overcome both the physical and psychological damages of recurring severe weather patterns. The need to provide a stabilised and safe environment is paramount to a long term recovery of New Orleans,” the Daily Mail quoted Kevin Schopfer, who designed the concept, as saying.

Via Times of India