Melanie Romero with Karen Porte, inventor of TuGo

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to participate again next year.  For the first time in my life I was the Judge rather than the one being “judged”!  It was fun to see all of the different inventions and business ideas, and to talk with each participant about where they are in their process.  You can see me here with a great product called “TuGo” that helps hold beverages in the handles of your rolling luggage.  Pretty cool and very easy!


I could really relate to what each participant was feeling because I remember how I felt when I participated here as an Inventor in 2008 – I was so excited and a little nervous too!  Bravo to DaVinci Institute in Colorado for consistently hosting this event where inventors learn how to promote their ideas and network with other inventors and service providers.  The DaVinci Institute is a non-profit futurist think tank in the fertile proving grounds of Colorado.

Melanie Romero, Founder of She-Edison and the Inventor of the SnapBagger