“So You Want a Mobile App, Now What?”

Amadeus Consulting, a Boulder-based custom software development company, announced today that Chief Executive Officer Lisa Calkins was featured as the keynote speaker and instructor of the DaVinci Institute’s So You Want a Mobile App, Now What?” event. The event, held on March 15 at the Institute in Louisville, CO is a part of the ongoing Inventor Bootcamp Series.


Lisa was chosen as the instructor for this event due to her expertise in all things mobile, and the continued success of Amadeus Consulting. Under Lisa’s leadership, Amadeus Consulting has evolved into the Top Mobile App Developer in Boulder and Broomfield counties for two consecutive years by creating over 30 apps for a broad range of clients. 

Open to anyone with a great idea for an app; from start-up entrepreneurs to corporate executives, this event realizes the growing demand for mobile application development in businesses. Having an idea is only the first step among many in developing and marketing your mobile app. Whether it is on an iPhoneTM, Windows® Phone 7 or any incarnation of AndroidTM or BlackBerry®, Lisa addressed the considerations to creating an engaging and successful app. This event featured budgeting, design, and the many decision criteria necessary prior to development and promotion of mobile applications. Beyond the development stages, mobile application marketing  is an integral part of attaining success within the app stores.

Lisa has said about the value of this topic, “The beauty of the mobile application is that it can cater to many crowds. It is exciting to work with both entrepreneurs and established businesses; and having great ideas is the key. But often times, the next steps in developing and promoting that app are unclear and baffling to clients.”

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About Amadeus Consulting

Started in 1994, Amadeus Consulting has grown from a custom software development company into a full-scale creative technology solutions company, that specializes in everything from large-scale and complex software application development, to mobile application development, 24×7 software maintenance, search visibility and conversion rate optimization and user experience design.

The founders of Amadeus Consulting had a vision of building a company that would create solutions that made a difference.  As a solutions provider with a large portfolio of enterprise-level services, they have a unique understanding to serve the serial entrepreneur all the way up to the Fortune 500 corporations.

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