Urine luck with these eggs?

Of all the cultures in the world, you have to respect China for never letting go of thousands-of-years-old customs, even when it involves boiling eggs in the urine of young boys…

In Dongyang, Zhejiang province, which is located in eastern China, local chefs are staying positive in their hope that this local dish, which has been considered a delicacy for the past several thousand years, will catch on worldwide. As an inhabitant of a world that worships the alter of Ronald McDonald, I’m pretty certain it won’t make it over to the states.

The recipe is quite simple, really: take the urine of boys under ten years of age (local schools are a good source of unclaimed urine), boil the eggs in their urine, first with their shells then sans shell for a full day and night. Consume. Then realize you just ate a pee egg.

According to Lu Ming, one of the chefs responsible for this dish, the eggs, in addition to being a tasty treat (allegedly), possess certain curative powers. Some of their attributes include the ability to stop fevers and serve as a “pick me up” if you’re feeling tired. Honestly, I’d prefer a Red Bull, as the taste of carbonated battery acid is only slightly less nauseating than urine.

Only time will tell if they’ll become “the next big thing” in other parts of the world. Mass exporting is currently under way in attempt to spread the local delicacy beyond Chinese borders.