cosmetic surgery

Doctor pulling back the brows of a middle-aged man contemplating cosmetic surgery.

More men are going under the knife, opting for procedures like facelifts, botox and liposuction, according to a new report that said cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a preferred option for middle aged males who want to “look good”.


The surgical procedures that men opted for the most are facelifts, liposuction and ear surgery, statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) said.

Men in the United States underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures in 2010, a 2% increase from the previous year.

“The growth in cosmetic surgical procedures for men may be because of our aging baby boomers who are now ready to have plastic surgery,” ASPS President Phillip Haeck said. Facelifts for men rose 14% in 2010 while male liposuction increased 7%.

Use of botox by men saw a 9% increase in 2010 over the previous year, while ear surgery increased by 11%. ASPS said minimally-invasive procedures such as botox and soft tissue fillers work only to a point. However, with age and as “gravity takes over” , surgical procedures that lift the skin are necessary in order to show significant improvement , Haeck said.

Among the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures that men opt for are ear surgery, soft tissue fillers, breast reduction , eyelid surgery, laser hair removal and laser treatment of leg veins, the report says. Another trend plastic surgeons see in male plastic surgery is the type of patient seeking their services.

Baby boomers who are now reaching retirement age are the new face of the male plastic surgery trend.  “They want to look good. So when they have the financial means to do it, they are ready to do it now,” ASPS member surgeon Stephen Baker said.

Unlike celebrities and high profile men, who are more likely to opt for cosmetic surgery , Baker said “average guys” and “men’s men” were ready to go under the knife. Other cosmetic surgical procedures that were popular among the men are nose reshaping , hair transplantation and minimally-invasive procedures including chemical peel and soft tissue fillers.

Via Times of India