Tattooed eyebrows? Microblading makes its mark


More and more women are binning their eyebrow pencils and going under the scalpel. But is it worth the sting?

“You have tensed up!” the therapist says, snapping on her latex gloves. I look down at my balled-up fists and laugh nervously, trying not to think about the small scalpel that she is holding near my ear. Soon she will dip the blade in pigment and etch short strokes into the skin underneath my eyebrows in an effort to make them appear naturally fuller and more shapely. This is a procedure known as “microblading”. Provided I don’t sweat excessively or sleep on my face and rub it all off, the tattoo will, I’m told, last up to a year.

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing has a long history. Sutherland Macdonald, the first tattooist in Britain, boasted in 1902 of his ability to produce in ladies an “all-year-round delicate pink complexion” with a “slight pricking” of a needle. It has also long had an image problem, evoking an older woman who looks at best permanently surprised, at worst like a terrifying marionette, thanks to her overly thick lip-liner and needle-thin, over-arched, carbon-black eyebrows. But in recent years cosmetic tattooing has itself undergone a make-over. New techniques which use impermanent pigments rather than tattoo ink achieve a subtler look. Freckles can be applied to give the wearer the semblance of sun-kissed skin. The lips can be tinted to provide more definition.

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More Middle Aged Men Opting for Cosmetic Surgery to Look Good

cosmetic surgery

Doctor pulling back the brows of a middle-aged man contemplating cosmetic surgery.

More men are going under the knife, opting for procedures like facelifts, botox and liposuction, according to a new report that said cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a preferred option for middle aged males who want to “look good”.


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New Superbug From India Could Spread Around the World Because of Medical Tourism


Sugeons perform cosmetic surgery in Mumbai.

A new superbug could spread around the world after reaching Britain from India — in part because of medical tourism — and scientists say there are almost no drugs to treat it.


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Electronic Nose Created To Detect Skin Vapors


The functioning and devices of the “electronic nose”:

A team of researchers from the Yale University (United States) and a Spanish company have developed a system to detect the vapours emitted by human skin in real time. The scientists think that these substances, essentially made up of fatty acids, are what attract mosquitoes and enable dogs to identify their owners

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Wiping Out Tooth Infections: Cool Plasma Packs Heat Against Biofilms


The plasma probe is applied to an extracted tooth

Though it looks like a tiny purple blowtorch, a pencil-sized plume of plasma on the tip of a small probe remains at room temperature as it swiftly dismantles tough bacterial colonies deep inside a human tooth. But it’s not another futuristic product of George Lucas’ imagination. It’s the exciting work of USC School of Dentistry and Viterbi School of Engineering researchers looking for new ways to safely fight tenacious biofilm infections in patients – and it could revolutionize many facets of medicine.

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Hydropolis – Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis - Underwater Hotel 


No I’m not talking about a boring trip to the Aquarium or an episode of the Sopranos. No what I am referring to … is literally “sleeping with the fishes”. When one thinks about the future of travel, one might conjure up gaining passage on a rocket ship into space, the final frontier. Or that the honeymoons of the 21st century might actually entail a trip to the moon! Yes, yes… in all due course… I am sure that eventuality will happen. But what about exhausting the many unique features of terra firma before we actually decide to leave the planet? What about exploring the deep blue seas?

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