It’s nearly the weekend, which means that it’s nearly time to make bad decisions, likely with phone in hand. While the tech world can’t stop you from shamelessly making out with that girl in that dive bar, it can wipe away all graphic mentions of how you did so from your Twitter stream.

Enter Last Night Never Happened, a rather well-made novelty iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app from22seeds. The app’s purpose? It deletes posts, photos, comments, tweets and direct messages from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, you can’t delete as much from Facebook as you might like — merely comments and photos…

Upon waking up — mysteriously covered in nacho cheese, a markered curse scrawled across your forehead — fire up the app and choose to cleanse either Facebook or Twitter. (You’ll have to connect the app to both accounts.)

You can then choose how far back you want to erase your nefarious activity, from one hour to 48 (for those who enjoy a bender). Choose which postings you want to delete (Facebook Photos and comments, tweets, and DMs) and then say “bye, bye” to your mistakes. You can even replace your ill-fated digital messages with a custom (tamer) post.

Use this in concert with The Social Media Sobriety Test, then go forth and mess up!

Last Night Never Happened


[via Laughing Squid]