lofiltimes 23456

Screening the longest film of all time.

Superflex, a group of Danish artists, have created a 240-hour film titled Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki) and will screen it in Helsinki for the festival IHME Project 2011.

The film shows ‘ravages of time marking a box-like office block, Helsinki’s Stora Enso building,’ and they are in fact projecting the film on that same building. In the film, ‘centuries of decay are apparently compressed into the span’ of the 10-day runtime…

Apart from being present in our everyday lives, quietly changing for ten days, the film’s time races ahead at an estimated several-hundred-year gallop each day. The film is a fiction about what could happen to the Stora Enso building as an architectural and ideological symbol, over the next few thousands of years, if the days of humankind come to an end, and only time and the weather affect the building.