Finally, a 360 degree display.

3D entertainment will never be the same again if one of the latest projects of researchers from the Osaka University, a 360 degree fog display, goes into mass production.

The 3D image is created with the help of 3 projectors that are focused on the fog display. One of the Japanese researchers got this idea after seeing a fog display in an entertainment park, so it is not a mistake to assume that inspiration may come in the strangest places. Each of the 3 projectors shows the object (in this particular case, a rabbit) from a different angle. As a result, the 3D effect is created and the imaged can be watched from multiple points of view. Directionality is the result of the fact that light gets dispersed by fog…

As one of the researchers declared, there are more possible applications of the 360 degree fog display besides 3D entertainment. Healthcare is yet another domain in which such a 3D display could prove to be effective and useful. Currently, the fog display is not as stable as desired, so future development is necessary before implementing this concept into healthcare systems.

One of the possible problems that arises is the humidity produced by the fog display. Watching movies on such a display on summer nights in the outdoors should be a terrific experience, though. In this particular scenario, the humidity would not be an issue anymore. Seeing the characters around you makes the whole thing very immersive and you will really be part of the action without any annoying 3D glasses and such. For such applications, however, a fog display of greater dimensions should be used, along with a greater number of projectors. Any updates to this project would be very interesting to follow, to see if the researchers can build this at a greater scale.

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Via: CrunchGear