If you like a little sugar in your morning (and late morning, and afternoon) coffee, but don’t like the calories, there’s a good chance you use one of the many artificial sweeteners on the market. But there’s plenty of evidence that these various chemical concoctions carry some scary health risks with them, and that they’re no good for the environment, either. But if you insist on indulging your sweet tooth, there’s now a smart and funny flow chart to help you out…

The “How to Choose a Sweetener” flow chart is the work of Be Food Smart, a website dedicated to educate the public about food additives and ingredients. If you don’t mind a few extra calories, you’re directed to the pretty green raw sugar, honey, and agave nectar. But if you can’t handle natural, the choices you have to make get scary.

Do you mind if animal studies have linked the sweetener to cancer? Do you care if the sweetener may reduce the good bacteria in your gut? Do you suffer from phenylketonuria? The fact that these questions are related to your food is more than disconcerting. Ultimately, Be Food Smart offers this advice:

The bottom line is we all need to drastically reduce our intake of sweeteners. Our advice? Eat less of the sweet stuff, but when you do, go natural and choose minimally processed sweeteners without all the chemicals and potential side effects.

Agreed. Check out the full chart here.

via Treehugger