2d 345678

I have no idea if these 2D glasses — which purport to convert 3D movies to 2D — work, but they’d be a godsend for me if they did. I get wicked headaches from 3D movies, and all the blockbusters in town are showing 3D-only half the time. We’ve switched date-night to art-house movies and live theater, which are great, but sometimes my wife really, really wants to see robots blowing stuff up and I hate to be a stick in the mud…

When you watch a 3D movie, there are actually two images being projected onto the screen. That’s why the screen is blurry when you look at it without glasses. In 3D glasses one of the lenses blocks one image and the other lens blocks the other image…2D Glasses block the same image with both lenses, so each eye gets the same picture resulting in a 2D image and an elimination of eyeball strain.

“2D glasses are designed to convert 3D graphics into 2D through a single polarized channel. This product helps eliminate headaches, nausea and motion sickness. Wear this where RealD 3D technology is used.”