Men hate household chores according to a new study.

It’s hardly a suprise to any wife  — men don’t like doing household chores and they become aggressive if asked to do so, suggests a new study.

Researchers from the University of South Florida found that asking men to do jobs traditionally associated with women could make them more aggressive as they feel their masculinity is being threatened , the Daily Mail reported.

After doing tasks considered feminine, such as dish washing or cleaning, men will deliberately behave in a more macho way to restore their self-esteem , they found.

For their study, the researchers asked a group of men to behave in a way seen to be more feminine by braiding hair, while another group was asked to braid rope — a similar , but more masculine activity.

Afterwards, when given a choice between either punching a punch bag or doing a puzzle, the hair-braiders overwhelmingly chose the more violent option.

Jennifer Bosson, who carried out the study, said men used their aggression as a tactic to restore masculinity. “Men are extremely concerned about how they appear in other people’s eyes and the more concerned they are, the more they will suffer psychologically when their manhood feels violated.”

Photo credit: Kiss 98.5

Via Times of India