The Google Science Fair has reached the semi-finals stage. Now is your chance to vote!

I’m really excited about the way this particular science fair is set up. It’s open to teenagers all over the world, and happens online so that “open to teenagers all over the world” really does mean just that. And entries could come from a wide range of scientific disciplines—everything from math to food science. Most of the finalists are still kids from the USA, but there’s also some representation from the UK, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and South Africa…

These young people are doing some amazing things. Google has narrowed the field down to 60 projects, and you can vote for one in each of three age categories—13-14, 15-16, and 17-18. Voting run through May 20th. This isn’t the vote for the Science Fair winner—that’s being done by a Google judging panel. But this is for the People’s Choice Award, which comes with a $10,000 scholarship.

I haven’t had a chance to look all the entries over yet, but there’s some very exciting stuff in here. A couple project titles that I’m particularly looking forward to—Looking Deeper into Autism Spectrum Disorder by Joy Carol Ming; I Can Taste Your DNA by Georgia Bondy; A Method for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Internal Combustion Engines by Jun Bing and Alec Wang; Research on a healthier and lower-waste cement composite by Niraja Ranadive, Pushpendra Yadav, and Vaishnavi Kokitkar; and The Efficiency and Testing of a Fully Submersible Geared Water Turbine by Gavin Ovsak.

OK, that’s more than a couple. Voting is going to be hard, y’all.

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