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Soft Cell fabric panels with embedded LEDs

Here’s a new way to create ambience – light up your room with glowing wallpaper. In partnership with Danish textile company, Kvadrat, Philips is looking into bringing luminous textiles to the market.

The leader in lighting will be embedding LEDs into Soft Cell fabric panels to make a sound-absorbing glowing surface that can be hung on walls.

The wallpaper’s brightness and color can be adjusted to create a preferred mood and atmosphere, and complementing any occasion. And because the panel is made from fabric, acoustics would be absorbed—cutting down noise pollution.

“Philips is devoted to developing lighting solutions that offer the user a limitless number of effects, moods and atmospheres,” General Manager of Large Luminous Surfaces at Philips, Leon van de Pas said.

“Together with Kvadrat Soft Cells, we will now be able to ensure that the ambience created by light is further enhanced by acoustic control.”

The luminous surfaces can also be used as an active piece of artwork; with some programming, the colors on the panels could be integrated to work with the soundwaves in the environment, and change according to the music being played.

The illuminating walls would also able to take different forms, and be tailored to constantly change colors, to create a more attractive environment.

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Desired atmospheres can soon be achieved, and interior spaces enhanced, through these glowing wallpapers.

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Via Philips