Watching my kids learning how to read made me truly appreciate how difficult it can be to distinguish letters of the Roman alphabet. If you think about it, a lot of the letters are truly alike – b and p are the same thing with different rotation, v and w look almost the same and so on. Dyslexics have even greater trouble because their brains constantly “mix up” these letters…

There’s a lot we now know on how to help treat dyslexics, but can our choice of letterform help? Christian Boer of studiostudio, a graphic designer with dyslexia, has created a font called “Dyslexie” that is designed to emphasize the differences between similar letters to make it easier for dyslexics to read.

The result is encouraging: “The study at the University of Twente showed that people with dyslexia made fewer reading errors when they use the dyslexia font compared to using standard font.”

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– via Boston Globe