The iPad has become a great educational tool.

A well established tool for education for both school and home classrooms is the iPad. It is an amazingly flexible device that can assist in teaching from infancy through college and beyond.  Families that homeschool their children can benefit from using the iPad no matter the age or quantity of their children. Read on to learn about 40 favorite iPad apps for homeschool education.


  1. Common Core Standards: Stay on top of the core standards of education for your child to make sure you’re staying on track.
  2. Super Why!: Super Why! offers interactive literacy games, bringing fun to the alphabet, spelling, reading, and more.
  3. iLiveMath Animals of Africa: iLiveMath features African animals, and a fun way for children to solve word math problems.
  4. Homeschool Magazine.com: Published since 1995, Homeschool Magazine is available on the iPad with Presentation Pages, offline availability, and free sample resources.
  5. ABC Phonics Sight Words: This app puts high frequency words front and center with games including flashcards and unscrambling.
  6. MathBoard: MathBoard offers random problem generation, quick reference tables, and more while still being fun.
  7. Netflix: Watch foreign movies, documentaries, and educational cartoons as part of your home classroom curriculum using Netflix.
  8. NASA App HD: View a wealth of NASA information in your iPad with mission information, videos, images, and even NASA Twitter feeds.
  9. Princess Math: Get young girls and even boys interested in math with Princess Math, which has addition and subtraction problems to boost math skills.
  10. Groovy Grader: Upgrade your old school grader with this super usable grading app.
  11. Craft Finder: Celebrate holidays and occasions with themed crafts, conveniently found on the iPad thanks to Craft Finder.
  12. K12 Timed Reading Practice: Young readers can practice with short, timed stories that focus on comprehension. You can track multiple readers, words per minute, and more as well.
  13. Wikipanion: Get improved access to Wikipedia on your iPad with the Wikipanion app, which allowed history, bookmarking, page searching, image saving, and more.
  14. Starfall: Show children letters and sounds to develop phonics skills with Starfall.
  15. GeeTasks: Use GeeTasks to view and update Google Tasks from your iPad both online and offline.
  16. SpellDown: Host your own spelling bee at home with SpellDown, the app that’s great for creating custom spelling lists.
  17. Eric Carle’s My Very First App: Fans of Eric Carle’s books will enjoy this app that has educational challenges, including the game of Memory.
  18. The Civil War Today: With this app, you’ll receive 4 years of daily updates that will share what happened on that date during the civil war.
  19. Top It: Top It makes addition fun with competitive rounds of play.
  20. Make Change: Study math in a practical way with MakeChange, an iPad counting game that allows students to do addition problems.
  21. This Day in History for iPad: Students can read daily history updates, including historic speeches, national anthems, and even sound clips from famous artists.
  22. Motion Math: Make math studies into a fun game that helps learners improve in fractions, decimals, and more.
  23. Analogy: Set the stage for analytical thinking, problem solving, and creativity with this app that studies analogies.
  24. Google Earth: Take a look at high resolution images of the world using Google Earth on the iPad.
  25. SAT Score Quest: Work on SAT prep on your iPad with this assessment and practice app.
  26. US Puzzle Map: Turn the US into a fun map game using this app. There are also other countries available, including Japan, Europe, and China.
  27. FlashGram: Quiz children on their language arts skills with Flash Gram, which features short questions with touchable answers.
  28. Read Me Stories: Read Me Stories offers a new book each day with illustrations and voices.
  29. ABC Wildlife: ABC Wildlife explore letters, words, and animals, with over 80 animal words, hundreds of photos and videos, fun facts, and more.
  30. Star Walk for iPad: Star Walk shares an interactive astronomy guide for learning about stars and constellations.
  31. Stanza: Read and listen to free ebooks and audiobooks on Stanza, from classics to independent author reads.
  32. Art Authority for iPad: With Art Authority, you’ll be transported to a real world art museum with over 50,000 paintings and sculptures.
  33. Interactive Alphabet: With this app, every letter turns into an interactive toy, making the alphabet a fun, hands on experience.
  34. World Atlas HD for iPad: Study maps of the world with this atlas for the iPad.
  35. Intro to Letters: Montessorium’s app will teach children to trace, read, write, and record letter sounds, names, and phonograms, offering a great foundation for language and understanding of the alphabet.
  36. iStudiez Lite: Take charge of your homeschooling family’s schedule using this app that allows you to stay on top of classes, assignments, and holiday periods.
  37. Ancient Rome: Explore the history of Ancient Rome with this app that shares games including puzzles and memory, as well as images, videos, and articles.
  38. BrainPOP: BrainPOP’s daily animated movies are educational, and end with an interactive quiz for learning.
  39. Phonics Easy Reader: Practice phonics material in these various levels of phonics reader apps for your student.
  40. Math Bingo: Kids can get a BINGO by answering math problems correctly. There are a variety of games and levels of difficulty. You can also create player profiles and keep track of scores.

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