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Dokkiri (Kid’s) Hand Case for iPhone 4 

Products from Japan can get pretty weird and when you thought they couldn’t get any weirder they go and create the Dokkiri (Kid’s) Hand Case for iPhone 4. Even the product page, Strapya World, thinks this thing is crazy. (That’s like Bill Gates calling someone a nerd.)


Why would you want a hand on your iPhone 4, right? Well, believe it or not, this Hand iPhone 4 case could actually come in “handy.” As shown on the picture on the right, you could hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you don’t drop it. Or if you are feeling really lonely, this case may reach out to you and give you company. Okay, I am done. This case is crazy. This case is creepy. And for some people, this case is absolutely awesome.

I am firmly in the “creepy” category on this one, but if you long to shake hands with your iPhone, the $64 case will ship in August. Pre-orders are already underway.