Creepy severed kid’s hand iPhone case

iphone case

Dokkiri (Kid’s) Hand Case for iPhone 4 

Products from Japan can get pretty weird and when you thought they couldn’t get any weirder they go and create the Dokkiri (Kid’s) Hand Case for iPhone 4. Even the product page, Strapya World, thinks this thing is crazy. (That’s like Bill Gates calling someone a nerd.)


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20 Weirdest Case Mods We Could Find

toomanyfans case mod 1234

Comic-Con, computer  encasement modifications (or case mods) are one of those areas where being a huge nerd intersects with being an artist. Of course, the work is less about displaying your ability to cram the basic components of a PC into just about anything and more about displaying your total lack of any other hobby and/or ability to talk to girls. Hence, case mods that will blow your mind!

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Give Your Computer and Peripherals a Spring Cleaning

computer dirt n grime 3421
Dirty, dirty. Look what all that porn has done to your machine!
Most of us are more concerned about the tidiness of our directories and files than we are about our physical computer. A dirty computer is a failure-prone computer, so let’s dig in with some spring cleaning tips…

How We Identify Letters

How We Identify Letters 

The next time you are reading a book, or even as you read this article, consider the words that you are seeing. How do you recognize these words? Substantial research has shown that while reading, we recognize words by their letters and not by the general shape of the word. However, it was largely unknown how we differentiate one letter from another.

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StowRight: The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier

StowRight:  The Extra Clever Cargo Carrier 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase  

Created by an aerospace engineer tired of having his trunk ruined by spilled takeout food and muddy sports gear, StowRightTM is the Extra Clever Cargo Carrier. It’s the only vehicle storage solution offering a generous 3.5 cubic feet of contained, leakproof storage that instantly partitions to keep items of any size from sliding, breaking or turning over. Plus, StowRight’s patented space-saving design folds flat to a lightweight storage case in just 10 seconds.

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