Opera TV Store offers a new option in the market.

Opera continues to show why it’s the little browser company that could, unveiling an HTML5 platform for bringing web browsing and apps to televisions and set top boxes at IFA 2011.

Though it’s not the household name Firefox and Google Chrome are when it comes to desktop browsers, Opera has a long history of big-time integration deals. It’s the only web browser for the Nintendo Wii and DS, and it was picked by Ford for in-dash browsing back in 2009.

With the Opera TV Store, the company is offering television and set-top box manufacturers an easy-to-integrate solution for delivering web apps and standards-compliant browsing to their customers. The system’s dashboard and speed dial pages are built using standard web code and displayed using the Opera browser engine…

Several big-name content providers, like Vimeo and DriveCast, have already gotten on board to develop apps — but since the Opera browser is really the star of the show here, any regular website that serves up HTML5 video should work just fine. No word yet on whether Flash would be supported, but that’s becoming less and less of a concern on the web anyway.

Opera says its system requirements are much lower than what Google TV demands, and that the TV Store platform should run just fine on processors as slow as 300MHz and it’s ready for multiple low-cost architectures (including both ARM and MIPs).

With Opera getting in on the web-on-TV game, I suppose the only question that remains is for Mozilla: got a Firefox for TV in the works? We know you’re working on a mobile operating system already…

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