Opera TV Store brings HTML5-powered web apps, browsing to TVs and set top boxes


Opera TV Store offers a new option in the market.

Opera continues to show why it’s the little browser company that could, unveiling an HTML5 platform for bringing web browsing and apps to televisions and set top boxes at IFA 2011.

Though it’s not the household name Firefox and Google Chrome are when it comes to desktop browsers, Opera has a long history of big-time integration deals. It’s the only web browser for the Nintendo Wii and DS, and it was picked by Ford for in-dash browsing back in 2009.

With the Opera TV Store, the company is offering television and set-top box manufacturers an easy-to-integrate solution for delivering web apps and standards-compliant browsing to their customers. The system’s dashboard and speed dial pages are built using standard web code and displayed using the Opera browser engine…

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Google Engages in Subtle Form of Censorship


Google, the company that fought censorship in China and vowed not to censor even anti-Semitism, has begun a subtle censorship campaign of its own.

As of today, if a Google search user begins typing in a term such as “BitTorrent,” Google’s Auto Suggest feature stops listing possible terms as soon as he types the second “T” in the word. Likewise, it won’t auto-complete the pirate-familiar words “megaupload,” “utorrent” or “rapidshare.”

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