Why Apple announces iPhone cost and availability when competitors don’t

It just makes sense to announce pricing and ship dates as soon as they’re known.

When Apple has a new product coming out, one of the nice things they do is tell you how much it will cost and when it will go on sale.  Apple’s competitors only sometimes do and that is especially true in the phone industry.

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Netflix’s price hike to cost the company one million customers


How have you changed your Netflix account?

Apparently people weren’t messing around when they were complaining about Netflix’s recent price hikes: Netflix says the company expects to lose one million customers because of the pricing change. One million!

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Researchers identify food price tipping point linked to rioting

algeria-riot 2345

Rising food costs are a key reason behind rioting.

There’s no doubt that rising food prices in a specific area can lead to rioting. We have plenty of current and historic examples of that. But some interesting new research highlighted in Technology Review shows that once average global food prices cross a certain threshold a tipping point is reached after which “almost anything can trigger a riot, like a lighted match in a dry forest.”

Check out this graph which plots the UN Food Price Index against the dates of riots around the world…

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Best Investment In China? Garlic!

Garlic wall in china 13425
A Wall Of Health and Flavor!
The price of garlic in China has nearly quadrupled since March, propelled by its very pungency to rank ahead of gold and stocks as the country’s best-performing asset this year.

The trigger for the bull run may have been the idea that the potent bulb can ward off H1N1 swine flu, Morgan Stanley economists said.

That chimes with some anecdotal evidence. The China Daily reported last week that a high school in Hangzhou, a prosperous city in eastern China, had bought 200 kg of garlic and forced students to eat it every day for lunch to stay healthy.

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Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG

Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG 

 LG Double Sided Display

Lg is showing off thier new double sided LCD display at this years IMID 2008 conference held in Goyang City, Korea. The displays are 15″ and have a 14:1 contrast ratio. From a technical standpoint this is very impressive, these are not simply two screens attached to each other, but rather the same screen displaying an image on its front and back. Will the “two screens, one display” become a sensation or remain an oddity shown off at various industry shows? Only time and more importantly manufacturing costs will tell.

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Smart Self-Service Scales

Smart Self-Service Scales

Expensive fruit will help you remember the number for expensive fruit

German researchers have developed intelligent self-service scales for supermarkets, able to recognize fruit or vegetables placed on them. The scales automatically recognize the item being weighed and ask the customer to choose between only those icons that are relevant, such as various kinds of tomatoes. The scales are equipped with a camera and an image evaluation algorithm that compares the image of the item on the scale with images stored in its database. Store managers can add items to the database. The scales are now being tested in about 300 supermarkets across Europe.

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