One of the worst  things about flying is having transfers at airports. Trying to get a quick power nap in airport seats is tough to do, especially with all the noise around you. Enter the Sleepbox — a personal, rentable, portable box with a bed and outlets to juice up your gadgets. (Pics)



Originally conceptualized in 2009, Russian architects Arch Group revamped the design giving it a more homely feel — more ash-veneered MDF and less computer generated gloss.


Sleepbox looks like the perfect private rest stop for any airport. There are boxes with up to three beds, sockets for charging up gadgets, luggage storage space, LED-reading lamps, electric-driven blinds, Wi-Fi, safety deposit box and even a touchscreen TV.


In many ways, it almost reminds us of Yotel’s teeny tiny “cabin” rooms, only without the integrated toilet and shower. Sleepboxes can be rented out from 30 minutes to as many hours as you want.


How many of you would consider sleeping in one of these, while on a layover? I would!

sleepbox 1

Via Dvice