This new $12 billion airport will be the biggest in the world — take a look inside

This airport will cost $12 billion to make — take a look inside

On April 6, Istanbul Ataturk Airport — which was considered one of the busiest airports in the world with 70 million annual passengers — officially ceased operations. All commercial flights were transferred to Turkey’s new flagship international airport, which means Istanbul New Airport is open for business.

The first flight at Istanbul New Airport took place October 2018, and now the airport’s first phase of construction, which includes three runways and 15 million square feet of terminal space, is finished. There are four phases to be completed by 2025, with a total cost of about $12 billion.

The new airport covers 76 million square meters (more than 818 million square feet or 18,780 acres) and can currently handle 90 million passengers a year in phase one. When the entire airport is completed, it will be able to handle 200 million passengers a year. That will make it the world’s biggest airport by passenger traffic. In comparison, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, currently the world’s busiest airport, handles 107 million passengers a year.

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A security expert’s perspective of why the TSA sucks

The TSA Is Supposed to Regulate Itself.

The TSA is a remarkably unpopular bunch of people. Nobody likes going through security at the airport, but you probably figured most of it had a point. All those hours spent in line with other shoeless travelers are a necessary precursor to safe flying. It’s annoying, but at least it wards off terrorism.



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Airport full-body X-ray scanners banned across Europe as unsafe


“Safety” at a price.

Ever since the attack on the Twin Towers back in 2001, security at airports has been significantly increased to help ensure no aircraft is ever hijacked again. But some of the new security measures have not been welcomed by all, with the prime example being the new full-body X-ray scanners.

These scanners are controversial for two reasons. The first is that they allow operators to see an intimate, graphic view of the person being scanned. But that has been solved to a large extent by the use of privacy filters.

The second, and much larger concern is the risk of them causing cancer…

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Top 5 most dangerous airports in the U.S.


Chicago O’Hare Airport

In 2006 United Airlines Flight 1015 was picking up speed while rolling down the runway at Chicago O’Hare.  But at around 10 p.m. on that clear summer evening  the pilots saw something heart-stopping on the runway: an Atlas Air 747 cargo plane moving directly into its path. Unable to abort takeoff, the United pilot made a split-second decision to turn sharply. The planes avoided impact by a mere 120 feet.


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Sleepbox – a tiny sleeping capsule for airport travelers



One of the worst  things about flying is having transfers at airports. Trying to get a quick power nap in airport seats is tough to do, especially with all the noise around you. Enter the Sleepbox — a personal, rentable, portable box with a bed and outlets to juice up your gadgets. (Pics)



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Paris airport gets virtual boarding agents

virtual-boarding-agent 1

Virtual boarding agent

Virtual boarding agents could be the next “upgrade” at airports wherever you go. If you are at Orly airport in Paris, France, then do keep a lookout for these virtual boarding agents that have a perpetual smile on them, and best of all is, they won’t head off for unusually long toilet breaks or head a strike.


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New Airport Scanning Technology Will Electronically Scan and Sniff Passengers


The screening system will filter passengers according to risk and scan and ’sniff’ them as they walk through it.

A new and highly sophisticated airport security check system is planned to be launched by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  The screening system will probably redefine the future of pre-flight security check conventions.

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Futuristic Monorails From the Past

The Bennie Railplane, 1929 Glasgow

The Bennie Railplane, 1929 Glasgow

The monorail perfectly exemplifies that nothing dates like the future, it is a piece of anachronistic technology that is today largely relegated to theme parks and inter terminal airport transit. Although the archetypal image of a monorail is the 1959 Disneyland version, as this list shows, its design history traces back to the middle of the 19th century, with steam driven versions that share none of the futuristic aesthetic of the streamlined post war versions. In this case, although the pioneering system from a technical point of view was the 1952 German Alweg, the 1911 Boyes monorail prototype shows the origins of the futuristic look. (Pics)


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