Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

MakH2OPak™ is a patent pending disposable oral hydration system for those with compromised health to proved access to fluids anytime, anyplace and from any position.. It’s a smart solution to keeping patients orally hydrated, while allowing caregivers a way to easily monitor and record the intake of fluids.  (Pics)

With the MakH2OPak™, not only is the patient easily and effectively hydrated – they have more control over this simple function. Too often a patient has to ask for assistance just to get a drink of water. They can’t reach the cup, if they do it’s empty, or even worse, it spills and makes a mess. It really shouldn’t be this hard. The MakH2OPak™ provides patients’ with 24 hour access to fluids, allowing caregivers and nurses time for other tasks.


How It Works—The MakH2OPak™ is designed to hang directly on the IV pole, walker or other apparatus. The attached tube, with handle and bite valve, delivers the fluid to the patient and can be clipped to bedding or clothing for easy access. It only needs to be filled and it’s ready for use.


A Smart Solution—Another important feature of the MakH2OPak™ is the ability to monitor and record the patient’s fluid intake throughout the day. With this tool, caregivers can easily determine if fluid intake goals are being met and also mark their progress directly on the bag.


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