Futurist Thomas Frey

We are here with a world renowned futurist, Tom Frey at the DaVinci Institute Vault, actually sitting in the ‘vault’ at the Vault. Tom explains the Vault is a co-working space. There are more and more people working from home and they suffer from two problems, either isolation or distractions. If you have a lot of kids at home [or even one] you understand distraction, we’re sure. After working at home for a while, one begins to crave conversation with like minded people, and that’s what you get at the DaVinci Institute. “You’re around people doing similar type work…” Tom says the true value is in all the sidebar conversations that go on here.


Larry asked Tom for his view of the changes he’s seen over the past ten years – As a futurist, he gives talks all over the country and internationally and has a perspective that most of us don’t get to indulge. It is interesting, few have the time or luxury to reflect, so Tom points out, to begin with we have gone from desktop computers to mobile devices which is just a massive, huge change. “It was just March of 2008 when Steve Jobs announced the software developers kit for the Apple iPhone. And it was July of that year when Steve Jobs announced the first 552 apps and the Apple App store. Within the next three days there were 60 million downloads of apps. Today, within the last few months, we broke through the barrier, there are over one million apps available that can be downloaded on both iPhone and android devices.” Tom predicts that sometime next year, the number of apps will exceed the number of books in print. It’s an interesting comparison; Tom tells us there are 3.2 million books in print. Tom just came out with a new book, Communicating with the Future, The reengineering intentions will alter the master code of our future. And Tom says, “We look at this whole idea of our relationship with the future. Most people think we don’t have any control over the future. We actually have much more control than we think we do.” In the book, Tom discusses different techniques that he uses and how to manage and control the future in better ways. Their big event is the DaVinci Inventor Showcase – November 5th, at Noah’s Event Center in Westminster. What’s happening at the Vault? Listen for details…

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