CORDON – multi-target photo-radar system

Your days of speeding down the highway with only cop cars in speed traps to worry about are over. A company called Peak Gain System’s new CORDON multi-target photo radar system is able to track and identify up to 32 different vehicles across four lanes at once, automatically recording speeders for later fining. (Video)


The system is able to generate two images of each car that passes by it: one wide-angle view, and one close-up shot of the license plate. It can instantly measure each car’s speed, and it can sync with other databases wirelessly via Wi-Fi, 3G or WiMAX. It’s also nice and small, making it easy to hide on tripods or road signs. Basically, if you speed near one of these things, you’re getting a ticket.


You’ve got until the first quarter of next year to get your ya yas out: CORDON is coming to North America then. You’ve had a good run, speeders.

Via Dvice