There are many apps that create music based on nature sounds from here on earth, but not many that can create music based on the stars in our galaxy. But that’s just what AstroCantus accomplishes.


This iTunes app turns the formation of stars, planets and galaxies into music. Each object has a music value, and as our planet and other objects move through space, a song is created.

Discovery News writes, “AstroCantus generates music by drawing upon vast astronomical databases of more than 120,000 celestial objects.”

Other than being just plain cool, AstroCantus notes the different ways the app can be used:

  • Astronomy Lovers – Hear the aural patterns in the celestial objects you know and love. What could be more beautiful at star parties but hearing the sky as you observe.
  • Songwriters and Musicians – Listen to infinite random patterns of the universe and create scores, songs, and symphonies.
  • Educators and Parents – An entirely new tool for experientially learning astronomy
  • Visually impaired – Hear stars and galaxies and know what is in the sky above us in real time
  • For relaxation and spiritual healing – Imagine listening to and connecting to the universe as it plays its own sonata to you.

It certainly is an incredible way to contemplate that we’re on “Spaceship Earth” and one little nugget in a much, much larger universe.

Via Treehugger