Apple is pulling the plug on iTunes after 18 Years


Apple CEO Steve Jobs gestures as he announces Apple ‘iTunes’ Music Store in the UK, France and Germany 15 June, 2004 at a press release party in London. The iTunes Music Store will allow music fans in the three countries the same large online2011 AFP

Apple is finally putting to rest the program that started a “music revolution.” iTunes, which helped usher in the mp3 era of music, will shutter after nearly two decades. Bloomberg reports the tech giant will announce the iTunes shutdown at a developer conference that begins Monday.

This development has been rumored for years, as subscription-based streaming services — including the company’s own Apple Music — have overtaken music downloads. According to the RIAA’s 2018 year-end report, streaming amounted to 75% of the U.S. music industry’s revenue.

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Emerging trends inside iTunes


Asymco analyst Horace Dediu has a very smart point regarding the real impact of shifting media consumption patterns on legacy gatekeepers.He estimates that iTunes’ average revenue per user (ARPU) has fallen from over $100 in the fourth quarter of 2007 to about $39 by the fourth quarter of 2012. Over that same time, the number of total iTunes accounts has roughly doubled, from around 250 million to roughly 500 million.



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AstroCantus – iPhone app creates music from stars and galaxies


There are many apps that create music based on nature sounds from here on earth, but not many that can create music based on the stars in our galaxy. But that’s just what AstroCantus accomplishes.


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Top 10 Most Expensive Apps for Your iPad



After spending nearly $700 on a new Apple iPad 2 64 GB and you still feel the urge to part with more of your money, don’t worry. You can waste your time browsing iTunes slowly and spending your wealth on less expensive iPad Apps that just cost a few dollars. Or you can browse the top 1o costliest choices of the App Store.


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Apple Files Lawsuit Claiming Amazon’s ‘Appstore’ Infringes its ‘App Store’ Trademark

amazon-app-store ‘Appstore’ begins selling applications for the Google Android smart phone in its digital storefront just days after Apple files a lawsuit claiming that ‘Appstore’ infringes its ‘App Store’ trademark.


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Warner Brothers to Offer Movie Rentals on Facebook

Dark Knight

Warner Brothers will rent “The Dark Knight” to American users over Facebook for the equivalent of $3 in Facebook’s currency.

Warner Brothers became the first major media company to offer a movie for rent on Facebook, a move that could position the social network to become a force in the digital distribution of movies, rivaling services like Netflix and iTunes.


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France to Offer Government Subsidies for Music Purchased Online

france mp3 tower

Government Subsidized Music?

There are very few things this writer loves about France, but here are two: government-subsidized healthcare, and, now, government-subsidized music. That’s right, the country of Debussy and Gainsbourg will now (partially) pay for its young citizens’ digital music.

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SHIFT: Internet Radio — Have They Finally Got It Right?


While XM was fighting Sirius and iTunes was clobbering the record stores, another potentially huge change was afoot in the music-dissemination business. Internet radio has the ability to radically change how we access our favorite music, while increasing exposure to new music.

However, it never lived up to that potential. Net radio used to be remarkably similar to regular radio, giving you only what someone else devised, and it was infinitely more difficult to find what you wanted in the myriad of unrelated stations with no rhyme or reason to their organization. However, new streaming technologies are here that allow you to fine tune your radio-listening experience, so it is truly your radio. Big Radio had better pay attention!

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