The newly FDA-cleared AcceleDent system is a device that when worn just 20 minutes a day, can dramatically speed up orthodontic tooth movement. (Video)


Traditionally, dental braces reshape the positioning of one’s teeth by applying force to them. The AcceleDent device, worn with braces, simply speeds up tooth movement by vibrating them 20 minutes a day. (Insert inappropriate middle school joke here.)


In a randomized, controlled clinical trial out of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, this vibration accelerated tooth movement by 106 percent during the initial alignment phase, and then 38 to 50 percent later, all without any adverse events.

When considering the mechanics of movement, a simple mouth vibrator makes a certain kind of sense. Whether your insurance company agrees may remain to be seen, but a rep for OrthoAccel Technologies, the developers of the device, says they plan to ship bit to orthodontists throughout the U.S. toward the end of January 2012. Pricing will vary depending on the orthodontist.

Via Cnet