Local geography CAN be interesting.

Atlas Obscura had a great success earlier this year with Obscura Day, a project to get people all over involved in their local geography and interesting places. It was so successful that they are now forming The Obscura Society, a club in which people not only explore places, but share their experiences with others.

Born of the success of Obscura Day, this real-world exploration arm of Atlas Obscura will be seeking out secret histories, unusual access, and opportunities to explore strange and overlooked places hidden all around us, all year round – and we could not be more excited about it…

New York City today, everywhere tomorrow. We are starting with five regional chapters, but we are looking forward to our slow but steady takeover of the world, with help from you, our curious explorers, armed with knowledge of that one abandoned building at the edge of town and the desire to take a bunch of people out with you to investigate it.

The other initial chapters are in the San Francisco Bay area, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Links to the local chapters and more information can be found at the Atlas Obscura blog.