Twine could change your world.

We stumbled on a neat little Kickstarter project this afternoon, and it appears to be a bigger deal than meets the eye.
It’s called Twine, a tiny rectangular gadget that looks like a translucent bar of soap. And it’s become a big deal on Kickstarter.
Twine has built in sensors for detecting movement, temperature, moisture, switches, and inputs from pretty much any other gizmo you can think of.
Oh yeah, it can tweet too…

Twine comes with a simple web app so you can program it to send out a tweet, email, or text message under an unlimited number of scenarios. Laundry done? Have Twine send you a text. Can’t hear your doorbell? Have Twine tweet at you.
You get the idea.

Out of the $35,000 the makers of Twine asked for to get their project off the ground, donors have given the doled out more than $427,000 as of this writing.

The funding round ends on January 3. After that, we assume Twine will go into production.