Convention goers gather to watch a 3D demonstration at the LG exhibit at the 2012 International CES tradeshow.

At the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, large manufacturers and startups are showcasing highly personalized gadgets. From GPS tracking of your dog to an entire golf course in your pocket, CES has it all. (Pics)


If you agree that there’s something about multi-purpose knives and large hard drives that just seems right together, this Victornox is for you. Yes, it will set you back $3,000, but you will be able to say your knife is packing 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of movies, music and photos.


Head-mounted cameras have been a popular way to record and share extreme sports and stunts for a few years. But these high-def wonders from Liquid Image put the camera right into the ski goggles. Also, no downloading is needed, as your epic downhill run can be streamed live via Wi-Fi to any phone or computer.


Liquid Image also has a new line of cameras coming out this year called EGO (seems appropriate) that also can stream live video to any Wi-Fi device. They can be customized with a numerous mounts and waterproof housings for use on surfboards, cars, kayaks, bikes, etc.


The Nest is a new thermostat built by some smart Apple refugees that is simply beautiful and easy to operate. It connects with the Internet so you can shut off the heat if you forgot before leaving on vacation, or flick on the AC from your cell phone while driving home from work. Fabulous despite the $249 price tag (no subscription needed).


Is that a golf course in your pocket? Actually, it’s 20,000 golf courses from around the world conveniently housed in Garmin’s new golfing GPS, the Approach G6. At $299, it also records stats and uploads them to a computer.


The Basis watch is just one example of an explosion of apps and gadgets that aim to promote better health. The Basis runs about $199 and includes sensors on the back that track heart rate, calories burned, level of activity and sleep duration. The data is uploaded to the company’s Web site (no subscription required) so you can track progress and share results.


Sometimes you want a tablet, sometimes a full-keyboard laptop. With Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga you get both (see the next photo) in a super-slim PC that weighs just over 3 pounds.


Here’s the Yoga entering the tablet position (it can lay perfectly flat). Look closely and you can see it’s running Microsoft’s unreleased Windows 8 operating system. Expect to pay about $1,200 when released later this year.


The Tagg tracker is a GPS device that attaches to Fido’s collar. You program the dog’s safety zone—let’s say your backyard¬—and if he leaves that area you receive an email or text message alert, then track him down via GPS. About $100 plus $8 per month subscription.


When headphones need play music and say something about your personality, these blingtastic ones from Monster could do the trick. The company rep said the crystal model is very popular with men in Asia but we’re not so sure about how they’ll be embraced in the U.S.

Photo credit: KOMO News

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