College libraries are lending out some surprising gadgets


Florida university library lends drones to students.

Justin Ellis  is an instructional-technology associate at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s library. He thinks of himself as the gadget guy. He manages a program at the library that lets students and professors check out a growing catalog of computers, cameras, and other electronics—a selection more akin to a Best Buy store than a lending library.


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Thin, flexible electronics will revolutionize everything from user interfaces to packaging

flexible electronics

Recent breakthroughs in printed and flexible electronics herald a whole new age of gadgets, imaging devices and user interfaces.

The nature of the underlying electronics needs to change as our computing requirements change. We’re moving into an era of wearable gadgets that require flexibility and new user interfaces – and there are many advances required to make that happen.



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Are smart plugs the gateway to the Internet of Things?

smart plug

Smart plug

Smart plugs may be the trojan horse that will bring the internet of things and the smart home to mainstream consumers.  But is there enough value in connecting a lamp or a coffee maker to make smart outlets an entry point to the internet of things for mainstream consumers?



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Will our lives become easier with the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things promises that every machine in your physical environment will be talking to each other.

Shaping up to be the buzzphrase of the year is the “Internet of Things” as more and more of our machines are becoming more intelligent. But as history has shown us, a smarter gadget doesn’t necessarily mean an easier life.

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Top 18 cool gadgets to make your home life more fun

Giant earphone computer speakers.

Sometimes computer speakers aren’t  just block-shaped objects that are to be placed on a desk. Sometimes they are shaped like giant earphones. Here are eighteen more cool gadgets designed to make your life at home funner. Continue reading to see them all. (Pics)

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Are we addicted to our gadgets?

“The lure of constant stimulation — the pervasive demand of pings, rings and updates — is creating a profound physical craving.”

The New York Times has come out with another story about technology addiction. The Times‘ Matt Richtel talked with a some people in Silicon Valley who think we need to step away from our devices.  The basic argument is this:

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Five ways technology is getting worse


Our technological world has plenty of pitfalls.

If you feel like you’re scrambling to keep up with technology, you’ve got plenty of company as technology has been moving forward in leaps and bounds. There’s not a gadget on the market that doesn’t aim to make our lives easier, but now we’re tangled up in a strange new world. It’s a complex web of tweets and roaming charges in which we we hunt for open power outlets with the urgency of our ancestors foraging for their next meal.


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Simple Fixes for Annoying Tech Problems

tech gadgets

There are simple solutions to problems with your tech gadgets.

Does the battery life on you phone only last a few hours? Do you really need a computer password logon? Do you have Wi-Fi dead spots in your house? Or maybe the screen on your smartphone is cracked! Tech gadgets are only fun until they annoy the heck out of you. Here are some solutions to make your annoying gadgets behave.


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