apple app store

Apple App Store says “thank you” on its home page.

Apple’s App Store reached 25 billion downloads on Saturday, and the company let users know with a “thank you” on its home page.

Just last July, Apple said it hit 15 billion downloads; last January, it was at 10 billion.

The App Store opened for business in July 2008, about a year after the first iPhone was released. It now has more than 500,000 apps for the iPhone and 140,000 specifically for the iPad.

Apple’s closest competitor in the app store arena is Google’s Android Market, which opened in October 2008, and reached 10 billion app downloads last December.

The Mac App Store, started by Apple in January 2011 for computer software, topped 100 million downloads in December.

The lucky customer who made the 25 billionth download will win a $10,000 App Store gift card from Apple, which has yet to announce the winner.

The most popular app right now, in both the free and paid categories: “Draw Something” by OMGPOP, a social drawing and guessing game that can be played with friends.