What’s driving the $26 billion mobile app economy?

102 billion mobile apps will be downloaded around the world during 2013.

Everywhere you look there’s someone using a mobile app for something. It’s an industry that’s flourished at an incredible rate since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007–and now, Gartner says this year, global revenues from apps will be $26 billion, a rise of more than 44% since last year.



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The 5 most important metrics for app engagement

It’s an app world.

The mobile market has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide and makes up 15% of all internet traffic, according to Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends report. Despite these findings, many brands have yet to reap the benefits that are now possible through the most personal connection available with their target consumers – the app.



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Global music sales growing for first time this century

In 2012, global music sales rose by 0.3 percent to $16.5 billion.  This marks the first good year for the music industry since 1999.The music industry’s 21st century renaissance comes down to four factors: Better mobile technology, a growing global middle class, more music-listening options, and an effective crackdown on piracy that is making paid music a more attractive option.




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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against AT&T Over iPhone Overbilling


AT&T overcharging iPhone customers.

Ever get the feeling that the itemized charges on your cell phone bill aren’t quite right? A new class-action lawsuit filed against AT&T claims that often, they aren’t — and the mistakes could be costing consumers millions.


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