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The dead want an iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone is so popular in China that even the dead want one! It’s the latest trend in burnt paper offering, a distinctly Chinese tradition where Hell Bank Notes, and paper items resembling cars, luxury villas, computers and so on, are burnt to send to the deceased…

Many shops on Taobao, a major Chinese website for online shopping, sell paper digital devices, including iPhone4 and iPad2, as the Qingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day, approaches, the newspaper said.

On sale are not only the paper-made devices themselves but also a full range of accessories such as chargers, earphones and data lines. The prices vary and can reach several hundred yuan.

“We hope the deceased can also feel the progress of our society,” said a customer who did not give his name.

Can’t forget the paper chargers. Those paper iPhones are worthless without ’em: Link