brownie_230 waffle

How about a waffle shaped brownie?

What? If you think that a waffle iron is only good for … well, you know, waffles, then this is the article for you!

When Chowhound forum user thunderbug84 asked if there are any alternative uses for a waffle iron, the editors of the site were inspired to investigate…

As we researched, we found people who brew beer in coffee makers or cook fish in the dishwasher, but not every experiment was worth the time or effort. We came up with the following parameters: (1) the food should taste as good or better than when made in the conventional manner, (2) the cooking time should be equal to or shorter than normal, and (3) the method should use the appliance in a way that’s totally different from what it’s known for.

Imagine our delight at seeing a soufflé rise up in the slow cooker, a frozen mixed drink take shape in the ice cream maker. Our late-night snack cravings found succor with a waffle iron. And if you don’t have these appliances, or don’t understand why anyone would veer from the standard, there are conventional instructions for most of the recipes too.