Google’s self-driving car.

According to a plugged-in industry source Google is eyeing a new project: same-day delivery.  At first, this seemed like a ridiculous idea.  But  after some thought the idea kind of makes sense.



Here’s why: Google contracts with a fleet of drivers for its Street View mapping project.  Why not have them deliver goods in their spare time?

Google is also working on self-driving cars, which could also start delivering packages—cutting out the cost of a driver.

They might as well deliver packages. What else are they doing?

Amazon offers a limited same-day delivery service in just under a dozen areas, and eBay just started experimenting with same-day deliveries in San Francisco.

Just-in-time delivery wraps up a lot of important trends—turning commerce mobile, getting local retailers online, and making payments electronic. Google is trying to do all of those things, by the way.

When we asked Google about the rumor, a company spokesperson said it does not comment on rumors or speculation.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Update: Turns out the Wall Street Journal doesn’t think the idea is that crazy: Late last year, it reported that Google was considering a service that would partner with retailers to offer one-day or possibly same-day shipping. One retailer, Macy’s, said that Google had approached it about offering such a service.