Surprise! I’m in the shower but still a  social menace.

If you’re the kind of person who’s always on Facebook, what could possibly be funnier than a shower curtain that looks like a Facebook Page? A lot of things! But still, this Facebook shower curtain even has a little window for you to pose as your profile pic. What better way to celebrate your addiction? It’ll be hilarious to all those people who are in your bathroom with you while you shower! Or the person who asks to awkwardly photograph you in the shower so you can post it to Facebook. It’s an antiquated profile design, but that’s part of the joke, right? Right?!

Paramount Zone’s Social Shower Curtain will provide amusement for even the vainest social media guru on your shopping list. And for only $23 it will keep showering the hilarity and comments long after the curtain has been put up and that ugly profile photo has been shaved into something a bit more human looking.