The stats in this chart show how the numbers stack up against each other.

Television viewing and web browsing dropped while time spent using mobile apps rose about 35 percent this year, according to a new report on U.S. trends by mobile analytics firm Flurry.




The study shows in greater detail what we’ve been seeing during the past few years: the rise of mobile devices as a competitor against TV, web browsing on PCs, video game consoles, and more.

Between Dec. 2011 and Dec. 2012, the average time spent inside mobile apps rose 35 percent from 94 minutes to 127 minutes a day. Comparably, TV viewing stayed the same at 168 minutes per day. Web browsing dropped 2.4 percent, from 72 minutes to 70 minutes per day.

This appears to be a good sign for those who have invested in mobile. With consumers spending much more time on phones and tablets (and while also watching TV), there’s a large opportunity to develop compelling mobile apps and games.

“Mobile and apps are gobbling up the web and consumer Internet, and that’s where the opportunity is. And the opportunity has never been bigger,” Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf said in the report. “All around me, I see entrepreneurs living it, loving it and collecting it ’99 cents’ at a time.”

Of course, as bullish as Khalaf is, app stores revenues appear to be increasingly concentrated among a small number of companies. A report today said half of revenue generated by iOS and Android apps goes to just 25 developers.

Via Venture Beat