People spend inordinate amounts of time with their smartphones.

People are spending more and more amounts of time with their smartphones, even taking them to bed or even the bathroom.  Now is the time for small business to get in touch with their inner app developer and be where their customers are. (Infographic)




According to an infographic created by Bizness Apps, people have spent nearly an hour more on mobile apps thus far this month than they have on the mobile web. And 79 percent of smartphone owners use their phone while shopping. Indeed on Cyber Monday, Amazon’s mobile app saw a 171 percent increase in mobile traffic. But, proving that people like to use their smartphone to comparison shop in stores, Amazon saw mobile traffic go up by 222 percent on Black Friday.

Smaller companies, which make up nearly 97 percent of businesses in the U.S., according to Bizness Apps, are starting to understand why it’s worth putting resources toward mobile. Sixty-nine percent of small businesses know that mobile marketing — even if not in app form — could grow their companies significantly in the next five years, and many of those companies plan to increase budgets accordingly.

You might be surprised by what industries are most likely to build dedicated apps, however. Restaurants came first, with a 22 percent likelihood, followed by professional services, which includes lawyers, retailers, accountants, and doctors. Fitness clubs come third, probably trying to keep up with popular health-conscious apps such as Nike’s Running app.

For those wanting to learn how to build mobile apps, DaVinci Coders is a full-immersion 11-week training program designed to teach people with drive and passion the fine art of computer programming.  This course will use the Ruby on Rails web application framework as a basis for teaching students how to be a well versed software developer.

Check out the infographic below for more information on how small businesses are getting into the app race:

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