The National Museum of Math

A new museum has opened in the U.S. that will quench your thirst for patterns, fractals and puzzles galore. The National Museum of Math opened in New York City last week; and it’s a good thing too because we cannot wait any longer. (Pics)



The museum, or MoMath as the cool kids are calling it, aims to spark curiosity in both kids and adults by exploring the unseen fabric of the world around us. Founder Glen Whitney, a former math professor, told the New York Times: “There are all sorts of myths about mathematics out there… All these are cultural myths that we want to blow apart.” Whitney will use colorful, interactive materials to draw attention to the invisible marvels he holds so dear, erasing math’s current status as dull, dry or irrelevant.

Math Square is highly interactive and changes as you walk on it.

While mathematics certainly deserve its own museum turf, we must point out that its many manifestations have appeared in museums and art galleries for centuries. We are excited to see how MoMath illuminates the complex love affair between art and math, but in the meantime wanted to recognize some of our own favorite math-savvy artists. From 500 year old drawings to futuristic light fixtures, these ten artists make nerding out look oh so cool.

The nodes on this sculpture provide sound as you touch them.

Behold… when art meets math!

Tessellation Station

The Human Tree screen

Photo credits: Multiplications by Infinity

Via Huffington Post