Giant earphone computer speakers.

Sometimes computer speakers aren’t  just block-shaped objects that are to be placed on a desk. Sometimes they are shaped like giant earphones. Here are eighteen more cool gadgets designed to make your life at home funner. Continue reading to see them all. (Pics)

18. Already Been Chewed Cookie Cutters

17. AirForkOne

16. Batter Finger

15. Yellowpages Booster

14. Bubble Scrubber

13. Cassette Bag

12. Clumsy Coasters

11. Cookeys

10. CoolJazz

9. DEL Fly Swatter

8. Dust Bunny

7. Equal Measure

6. Sewer Lid Floor Mat

5. Fill’er Up Savings Bank

4. Finger Food

3. Food Face

2. French Toast

1. Hot Heads

Via Teche Blog