Digital Policy Council (DPC) has a new survey that shows 75 percent of the world’s heads of state have a presence on Twitter.  A total of 164 countries were evaluated by the DPC study, and it found this year that 123 of them have a head of state that is on Twitter, either with a personal handle or an official government one. That’s up significantly from 2011, when 69 out of the 164 countries had a Twitter presence.



In terms of followers, the study found that US President Barack Obama is by far the most watched world leader on Twitter, with 25 million followers. Coming in at number two? Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, with 3.5 million followers.

Twitter is perpetually setting new records in terms of users and activity at an almost annoying pace, and it is said to be increasingly turning all that usage into serious revenue. So, while Twitter still has a bit of a reputation for being frivolous — and it is still a great place for frivolity — it makes sense that some of the people with the most serious of occupations are finally starting to come around to the value of the platform.

Via Tech Crunch