Are driverless cars coming sooner than expected?  Google and Audi already working on ways to make our vehicles more autonomous and safe, so we’re left wondering what the future will look like once every car has that ability.



Today we found a simulation via The Atlantic Cities that answers how a four-way intersection could work in an era of driverless cars.

…driverless cars will make intersections much more efficient. Right now, you may wind up sitting at a red light for 45 seconds even though no one is passing through the green light in the opposite direction.

But you don’t have to do that in a world where traffic flows according to computer communication instead of the systems that have been built with human behavior in mind.

The cars zoom and twist through the intersection, miraculously avoiding each other. While it seems quite scary there is much more to consider than red lights, green lights, and stop signs when computers are in control.

Via Business Insider