Why is the internet so slow in America?

You may notice that when you use the internet in the U.S. that the speed is slower compared to many other places in the world.  Whether it’s a slow connection that can’t keep up with Skype or a very long download time, it is very clear that the internet in America is so slow compared to other places around the globe. (Infographic)




The question is, why is that? Why can’t we seem to get it right? This infographic called Why American Internet Is Lagging by Internet Providers shines some light on what the reasons could be. It also points out that when comparing download speeds, America ranks number eleven in the world. The fact that 10% of Americans still can’t get basic broadband says a lot. Our Internet is so slow, or in some places, nonexistent.

The fact that the Internet is so slow can affect other things besides just surfing – like the quality of education and the ability to apply for a job. According to this infographic, the reason our Internet is lagging is a result of lack of competition and lack of regulation. There is a cost factor that plays into this as well. Six out of ten poor households here in the States have no wired Internet access at all.

For me personally, my Internet (which is supposed to be fast) just goes out for no reason a few times a month. When that happens, I immediately switch over to the hotspot on my iPhone 5. I don’t even think about it anymore since it happens so often. Hopefully someday soon our Internet speed will improve, and we won’t have to deal with this headache anymore. If you want to see a funny comic about the state of our Internet, check out The Truth About Wi-Fi Coverage In Your Home [Humor].

So This Is Why American Internet Is So Slow…

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