Joe Landolina pictured on the far left created Veti-Gel.

Twenty-year-old New York University student Joe Landolina is working toward an MS in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials.  While trying to get a degree, he has created a gel called “Veti-Gel” that instantly stops bleeding wounds and starts the healing process. (Video)



He explains his invention to the New York Post: “There’s really no way to quickly stop bleeding except to hold lots of gauze on a wound. I thought if you could pour this gel into a wound, it would solidify and stop the bleeding.”

Landolina started a company called Suneris Inc. in order to sell his product and the United States military is already one of several potential customers, according to Humans Invent.

Veti-Gel gets tested on a fresh pork loin in the YouTube video below. Warning: If blood makes you queasy, go ahead and skip this demonstration.


Via Dvice