College student creates Veti-Gel that instantly stops bleeding wounds

Joe Landolina pictured on the far left created Veti-Gel.

Twenty-year-old New York University student Joe Landolina is working toward an MS in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials.  While trying to get a degree, he has created a gel called “Veti-Gel” that instantly stops bleeding wounds and starts the healing process. (Video)



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$3 Hand-Powered Suction Device Quickly Heals Wounds

suction healer 4321

Suction helps heal wounds?

MIT Grad Student Danielle Zurovcik (above) designed this hand-powered suction device to speed up wound healing. It costs $3 and it works.

Nobody knows precisely why it works, but doctors have known for decades that the healing process for open wounds can be greatly speeded up by applying negative pressure — that is, suction — under a bandage sealed tightly over the affected area. The speculation is that it helps by drawing bacteria and fluid away from the wound, keeping it cleaner….

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Funeral Home Offers Drunk Drivers FREE Burial

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The owner of a north Georgia funeral home has quite a deal if you plan to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. Sign an agreement, and you can qualify for a free burial.

It’s a freebie that no one has signed up to accept.

“In today’s society, you have to go to the extreme sometimes to get their attention,” says Barry Miller, owner of McGuire Jennings Miller Funeral Home in Rome.