The BionicOpter was created by German automation company Festo. It was designed to mimic the look and flying dynamics of a dragonfly. The 1.5-foot-long ultra-light flying robot operates via remote control from a smartphone and can maneuver and hover in place just like a real dragonfly. Each of the robot’s four wings operate independently using servo motors, allowing each wing to be twisted by up to 90 degrees. (Video)



And while the company offers a great amount of detail regarding the robot’s development and operation, there’s little in the way of explaining the practical applications of the BionicOpter beyond, you know, making you wonder what an automated robo-stinger in the back might feel like.

Don’t let the dreamy, hopeful music soundtrack in the video demonstration fool you, this is probably one of the scariest, yet somehow beautiful bits of robotics you’ve ever seen. You can check out the Bionicopter flying into your futurist nightmares in the video below.


Via Dvice