BionicOpter – a hyper-realistic dragonfly drone


The BionicOpter was created by German automation company Festo. It was designed to mimic the look and flying dynamics of a dragonfly. The 1.5-foot-long ultra-light flying robot operates via remote control from a smartphone and can maneuver and hover in place just like a real dragonfly. Each of the robot’s four wings operate independently using servo motors, allowing each wing to be twisted by up to 90 degrees. (Video)



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The Future of Bionics Inspired by Nature


Maximum performance with minimum energy consumption: Nature shows the way to energy-efficient movement processes in tomorrow’s production and provides impulses for astounding new practical applications.  Festo’s Bionic Learning Network – a cooperation between Festo and renowned universities, institutes and development companies – is an integral part of innovation processes in the learning company. Its projects reflect problem-solving competence, and as entirely new technological approaches they inspire dialogue with our customers regarding what is feasible and desirable for the future. Festo is testing new approaches for the control and regulation of autonomous bionic system.(Pics)


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